Pat Quinn

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Pat Quinn

Head Speaking Coach at Advance Your Reach, Pat knows how to command a stage. He combines his years of performing and speaking with an advanced degree in brain research to propel the careers of speakers across the globe. From Olympic athletes to New York Times bestselling authors, the very best speakers in the world turn to Pat Quinn to improve their presentation skills. Pat Quinn lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters.

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Create the #1 Client Acquisition Tool in Your Business: Your Signature Talk!

Speaking is the fastest and most predictable way to grow your business. But you need a good talk!

To effectively use stages to grow your business you need a signature talk. This will quickly become your top client acquisition tool. You’ll feel comfortable in front of any crowd and boost your sales without deploying high pressure sales or used-car salesmen tricks. Learn you the #1 thing you can do that will have 80 percent of the room clamouring to work with you.

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