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Shift your perspective to a belief that anything is
possible, because with an infinite source
there are no limits.

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About Ana Cortes


Ana is an author, CEO, mentor and coach who has a life purpose of helping people in their continuous transformation towards success and wealth. She has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Today she has a life worthy of a “Queen” however, it has not always been like that. Through her life time she has gone through personal failures, millionaire bankruptcies, and significant losses that for most people would be impossible to overcome. All of these experiences led her to learn how to find  solutions that go beyond the obvious in order to overcome these situations and become the successful woman she is today.

Speaking Topics



En esta conferencia aprenderás a:

  1. Aplicar conocimientos básicos de finanzas.
  2. Cómo salir de tu área de confort y construir éxito.
  3. Aumentar tus ingresos y pagar deudas.
  4. Descubrir las causas de las situaciones que vives y cómo transformarlas.
  5. Utilizar de la técnica certera para cosechar lo que deseas.
  6. Trabajar con los conceptos de separación y unidad.


 In this conference you will learn to:

  • Apply basic knowledge of finance.
  • How to get out of your comfort zone and build success.
  • Increase your income and pay debts.
  • Discover the causes of the situations you live in and how to transform them.
  • Use the right technique to reap what you want.
  • Work with the concepts of separation and unity.

Financial makeover (for women)

There are times when it is no longer enough to improve a “little”, there are times when we require a real transformation of our finances. A change that assures us that from now on things will come differently for us.

 In this conference you will get:

  • Financial Education explained in a clear and simple way
  • Tools to change the consciousness from which you are creating your financial life.
  • Energy and focus so that you can take action and make the changes you require.

Makeover financiero (Para mujeres)

Hay momentos en los que ya no es suficiente mejorar un “poquito”, hay momentos en los que requerimos una real transformación de nuestras finanzas. Un cambio que nos asegure que de aquí en adelante las cosas vendrán de diferente forma para nosotras.

En esta conferencia obtendrás:

  • Educación Financiera explicada de una forma clara y sencilla
  • Herramientas para cambiar la consciencia desde la que estás creando tu vida financiera. 
  • Energía  y enfoque para que logres tomar acción y hacer los cambios tanto requieres.

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