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Andrew Maffettone is a marketing-focused entrepreneur. With 15+ years of experience in multiple industries, he’s developed a unique approach to marketing many different types of brands. By using a large inbound content strategy tied together with robust marketing automation. He prides himself in being able to keep acquisition costs down and build an impressive brand reputation by implementing a large quality content approach into a well-oiled marketing machine.

Andrew started his first business at 17 that focused on marketing for the music industry that later pivoted into a boutique marketing agency for local businesses. He then developed a marketing agency that specializes in the e-commerce industry which he was able to scale to 7-figures in the first two years leading to a quick acquisition. Maffettone is now at it again as the Founder/CEO of BlueTuskr, a full-service marketing agency for e-commerce sellers that helps brands expand their reach through robust digital strategies, targeted media-buying, and data-driven analysis.


Speaking Topics


Developing an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy to Scale Your E-commerce Brand

How I Managed Being the Sole Marketer at an 8-Figure E-commerce Brand

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