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About Annabel Quintero


Annabel Quintero is a Speaker Advocate Coach for Lisa Nichols, holds a Master’s degree in Education Policy and Leadership, best-selling author & DEI strategist. Also known as a “Culture Coach”.

Her best-selling book Step Step Jump, is a story of hope and for those looking to transform trauma to triumph in three steps. Her life was irrevocably altered on September 11th, 2001 when she narrowly escaped from the 46th floor of the One World Trade Center during the deadliest attacks on U.S. soil.

She works with executives, groups and leaders on personal development & leadership capacity building. She is devoted to helping leaders amplify their authentic voice to empower them to have courageous cultural conversations with their teams, and community. She creates safe spaces for organizations to learn how financial and political laws have informed our present moment, by using the multi-racial experience of Latino history and identity.

As a result of her executive coaching and workshops for women, she helps leaders and healers embrace storytelling as their brand promise and as a spiritual practice.  She helps her clients weave personal, and cultural stories into their presentations to ground their audience and deliver a transformational experience for their clients lives.

Annabel has been a cultural broker for under-represented voices and formal leadership in Washington state for 8 years. She helps leaders develop strategies after cultural shifts, and centers community engagement and the Every Student Succeeds Act as a vehicle to improve school results and school culture.

She has a track record of building people’s leadership capacity and guiding them through their own personal development journey, because she believes in each and every one of us contributing to our collective wellness.

Speaking Topics


How Storytelling is Your Brand Promise

Learn to break your silence in a safe space. Learn techniques that help you build confidence on stage. Integrate your story in your sales deck, presentations & keynotes.

Three steps to Transforming Trauma to Triumph

Learning how to acknowledge triggers or trauma. Practice self-awareness and self-reflection through journaling, dancing and storytelling. Take new action and step step jump into ancient modalities to get a  new result

Latinos: a Multi-Racial Ethnic group Experience

Learn the main 3 racial groups of our Ethnic Group. Understand how we as a people endure being a forever foreigner, othered because of our skin color and erased due to colonization. What does critically looking at how Latinos definitions can exclude our African and Indigenous roots.

Building school cultures through community voices:

Learn ways to create community engagement leading with culture. Understand what laws can support under-represented parents to make school improvements. Use the School Report card as a language neutral tool to improve parent involvement and improve student and school performance.

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