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Dr. Benton Dammel is the owner of the Neck Back & Knee Center, the first clinic to offer regenerative medicine in the tristate area. He decided to study chiropractic care and regenerative medicine after badly injuring his knee at the age of 24. He had already had three knee surgeries and was scheduled for a fourth. After receiving regenerative medicine, he is pain free and no fourth surgery was needed. Unfortunately, many of the patients he has seen have similar stories. Mothers and fathers who are not able to lift their children due to the degeneration in their spine. People who have been in car accidents and only offered prescription pain medication. Or simply someone who’s pain is keeping them from accomplishing a lifelong goal. He and his team have been able to successfully help thousands of people restore their function and regain their lives. It is now his mission to educate the community by offering lectures on many different ailments and the non-invasive therapies that are used to fix them as opposed to more traditional therapies that just mask the symptoms.

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