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Christian leaders are desperately searching for answers on what happened to the America of our youth and how we can reclaim it.

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About Bobby Albert


Three-time author Bobby Albert is a leadership coach and speaker who is passionate about workplace culture.

With 40 years in the role of CEO, Bobby Albert has started a dozen businesses and acquired nearly the same number in his time as a business leader. His small 5 employee business grew under his leadership to more than 150 team members and he recorded 500 percent revenue growth during one of the most challenging economic times in US history and sold his business to a publicly-traded company. Albert credits his faith for being the driving force to providing leadership that led to such unprecedented growth. He’s developed a systemic process designed to show others how to build a firm foundation designed for growth. 


Speaking Topics


How to Live a Sacred Life in a Secular World

Many Christian leaders realize there is a disconnect between the faith they foster on Sundays and the lives they live the rest of the week. Bobby offers a blueprint for Christians to excel at business and live out their faith every day of the week. Christian leaders want to have an impact on their employees, their customers, even their suppliers. They want to make their world a better place. They want to live for something greater than themselves. They want their business to make a positive contribution to society. All of this is possible when they learn how to master and live a sacred life in a secular world.

The Freedom Paradox

More and more people in America are thinking, “I want my country back.” Through faith, it is possible to be a confident business leader in these uncertain times. Leaders will learn how to engage with our culture to adapt and create new solutions to changing times. They will learn Bobby’s trademarked approach to grow and thrive in three areas: the mind, heart, and will. Feeling empowered by faith, leaders can live with purpose and lead with confidence.

Outward Success Is An Inside Job

Through faith, you can be a confident Christian business leader in these uncertain times. Learn how to engage your work team to adapt and create new solutions to changing times. Equipped to lead and empowered by faith, leaders can find security and control their lives and businesses with greater conscience.

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