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Well designed systems can catapult an individual, a team or a business to an unimaginable level of performance

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About Brenda Batista


Over the past 25 years, Brenda has been at the helm of many high performing teams creating a company culture that inspires employees to bring their best and embrace their leadership prowess. Brenda Batista is an accomplished entrepreneur, leader, a management consultant, and the President of Inspiring Company Culture. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management Professional, and 5 Voices System certified trainer. Over the past 25 years, she has been at the helm of many high performing teams dedicated to performance improvement. Brenda has managed complex multi-million dollar client accounts, created computer simulations to predict business performance, and established a calculable consulting methodology for start-ups and established businesses.

Speaking Topics


Be The Bean Today, A Catalyst for Change

Brenda teaches individuals how to boost team performance by creating an inspiring company culture. She shares her 3-step process organizations can follow to: identify the triggers that cause you to act or react; harness the power of your leadership voice to form a supportive and challenging working environment; and recognize the value of each voice’s contributions to bring out the best in their team.


3 Secrets to Creating a High Performance Remote Team

This is designed for any manager or entrepreneur who has to convert their team to be remote. For many in the workforce working from home used to mean taking a few meetings on their day off. It was minimal time commitment and not conducive to getting ‘real’ work done. However, in our new reality everyone who can work is moving towards the “remote” model. Learn how to make that move that seamlessly as the professional world continues to go move in this direction

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