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My name is Carlos Estrada Vega. I’m a veteran having served in the USMC & ARMY for 22 years.

In my military journey I gained knowledge and experience in discipline & leadership of troops and the execution of goals. 

My entrepreneurial journey started as a Real Estate Investor teaching residential wholesale and fix/flips with my company Warrior Investors. We became an 8-figure company in 2019. 

One common obstacle I found in all entrepreneurs is having the desire to get funding to start their new venture. In 2020 I developed Credit Assassins™ to help others get the Vantage Point In Business credit as  I always had in the Battle Field with the military. 

As a result, I became a credit architect and designer. What I mean by this is that I developed a Coaching & Mentoring system that takes Owners & Businesses by the hand and teaching them how to build a stronger foundation for better business Credit no matter the state of their current credit score. 

I have successfully been able to get the lending that our clients needed for their business. My goal is to guide then through the journey to create GENERATIONAL WEALTH through understanding how credit works, how to protect their credit, and how to leverage their credit in Business. 

My students have been successful at creating wealth and passive income over the last 2 years. Just like a personal trainer the Credit Assassins™ team will motivate, encourage, and teach you how to get in the BEST FINANCIAL shape of your life.

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