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Christopher Linger and Maricela Soberanes are principals at Up Plex Capital LLC. Accredited Real estate investors. Having built a personal portfolio valued at over $100M, they’ve created significant passive income for themselves and their investors by finding the best properties today’s market can offer. Maricela has a business degree and a successful medical service business since 2015. Chris Linger has an MBA, twenty seven years of active duty Navy services (ret), now full-time apartment syndicator (underwriter and asset management). Mentor to hundreds of aspiring investors. Maricela has been investing in Real Estate since 2006 in Austin TX. She successfully grew a personal rental portfolio before becoming a full-time syndicator. She’s a Navy veteran, self-published author, and a medical missionary to third world countries. MARICELA SOBERANES has been investing in Real Estate since 2006 in Austin, TX. She and her husband help aspiring professionals become passive investors. She is an advocate of passive investors and first-generation entrepreneurs. She shares her knowledge in the series “THE SAVVY PASSIVE INVESTOR,” where she empowers passive investors to make confident investing decisions as she helps them build their wealth. She is passionate about helping others reach financial independence and holistic wealth. Real Estate investing is the vehicle she has used successfully to achieve financial freedom, and she is the author of “Real Estate Investing Made Simple: The road map I used to go from 0 to 1500 units in less than a year!” In this book, she makes investing in real Estate less daunting and more achievable for all. She is a first-generation immigrant, serial entrepreneur, and she has diversified UP Plex to serve as a source of education for others wanting to accomplish what she has accomplished.

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