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I’d rather live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.

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About Chris Rickstrew


When Chris was 27 years old, he got to where he “thought” he wanted to be in life… And it sucked! On paper, he was “living the dream.” He was 27 years old and had already:

– Built and sold his first company
– Was the CEO of his second company
– Raised $500,000 from investors
– Had 25 people working for him
-Was dating the women he thought he was going to marry

On the outside, his life and business looked great. But on the inside, he was completely unhappy and unfulfilled. So he downsized his company, gave away all of his stuff, and bought a one-way ticket to Asia.
He spent the next 3 years of his life living in Thailand, Bali, and Nepal. During those 3 years of soul searching, Chris discovered his passion and purpose in life, coached 1,000s of people, and started a business that he absolutely loves.
Today, Chris is a Transformational Speaker, Master Coach, and Founder of the personal development brand 8 Billion Lions. He’s on a mission to lead a revolution that changes the world by helping people unleash their inner lion so that they can start living a life that inspires them!
Chris focuses on two things: Self awareness and Choice.
He helps us see that there are two people battling inside of us, our inner sheep and our inner lion. And that when we follow the status quo and live like sheep, it leads to being unhappy and unfulfilled. So Chris helps us discover who we are deep down inside, what we truly want in life, and how to go get it! Chris teaches us how to LIVE LIKE LIONS!

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