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Dr. Chau was an immigrant who had the American Dream. He thought that getting a doctorate degree and a good job would bring financial freedom for him and his family. He graduated with a doctorate degree in Pharmacy but later found himself trapped under a mountain of school loans. He realized that he was just a glorified corporate slave without financial freedom. He also realized that he did not have the freedom to spend time with his family when he could not even spend time with his mom when she was sick because he needed to be at work. He was determined to fight for his financial freedom no matter what it takes. After many failed businesses he was able to crack the code with Corporate Housing Arbitrage! He feels blessed that he was able to retire as a pharmacist in his early thirties by having more than 30 Airbnb and corporate housing rentals. This quadrupled what he used to make as a pharmacist. Aside from the financial freedom it brought him, he now only works a few hours per week! ​ Now, he is on a mission to help others achieve their financial freedom as well!

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