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Hi! I’m Dr. Kizzy Parks. I’m the president of K. Parks Consulting, a Guinness World Record holder, and have won over $50 Million in government contracts. Unlike others, I’m still in the trenches of government contracting. I live it and breathe it. But more than that, I champion it by appointing myself as your cheerleader, guide, and mentor. I’m passionate about equipping YOU with the tools, systems, and know-how needed to FINALLY win those profitable contracts without stressing over every little step. Here is more… As a kid, Kizzy would clean golf balls located in an alley behind her friend’s house and resell them through a fence to golfers. She used the money to buy FUNYUNS® and Nutty Bars. She owns and operates multiple businesses and has over $50 million in federal government contract awards. Through GovCon Winners™ Ultimate Edge, she helps service-based small business owners learn HOW to win profitable federal government contracts.

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