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Defeat Information Overwhelm & Live Optimal Health

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About Jane Wenning


Jane Wenning is a certified Medical Technologist with a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. She is an Athletic Trainer, and Health Mentor who has been helping people improve their mental and physical health for over 20 years. Obtaining a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and working with athletes, Jane merged these two worlds together to create a structured wellness plan focused on four pillars – Recovery, Emotional Energy, Nutrition, and Movement. Outside of her degree she has spent hundreds of hours learning about nutrition, longevity, brain health, sleep, interval training, fasting, epigenetics and estrogenics. Jane now equips people with the tools to transform into healthier and stronger versions of themselves to live life with vitality.

Speaking Topics


Defeat information overwhelm & live optimal health

Understanding health often becomes overwhelming due to the endless amount of contradicting information out there. Health is the most important aspect of life and if it’s neglected for too long people will actually decay rather than age. Daily living becomes a chore, mental sharpness declines, and this can lead to obesity, brain fog, depression, diabetes, and other fatal diseases. Jane simplifies health by breaking it down to four main pillars. She helps her clients identify what they should be working on and creates a unique plan for them. Her process leads to newfound physical health, better relationships, improved work performance, and enhanced mental clarity.

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