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DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Specialist + Keynote Speaker


What you do in your company today will determine its growth for years to come.

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About Kemy Joseph


About Kemy Joseph, MS, EdS – CEO & Co-Founder of F.E.A.R.S. Advantage™

Kemy Joseph is on a mission to help 5 Million business leaders advance equity in their organizations by 2030 to create a world where people of all backgrounds can live safely and thrive. 

Kemy helps purpose-driven business executives levage equity as a pathway to prosperity to effectively lead their diverse teams through conflicts involving race, gender, and trauma. In a time where people feel so disconnected and unsafe, he’s able to create virtual brave spaces where people have real conversations that build trust, repair relationships, and create new sustainable solutions. He also uses a multi-camera setup with music, stories, and group exercises to create highly engaging, transformational experiences!

Most people see Kemy’s bright smile, but wouldn’t imagine the hardships behind it. Being raised in Miami, FL as a first generation Haitian American, he lived in a single-parent household with nine siblings where poverty, violence, and racial inequity traumatized him at an early age.

Growing up, he was socialized as a sexist, racist, homophobe, bigot, bully, and criminal.

As an adult he’s made the extraordinary effort to re-socialize himself into a human being — a healthy, educated black man who respects women, celebrates diversity, and supports the equal rights of all people. His journey represents the transformation that’s possible when we use negative experiences for positive change and learn the skills we need to treat others equitably. From that humbled perspective, he brings a great deal of empathy, hope, and productivity to these often difficult conversations. 


Speaking Topics


Designing a Crisis-Proof Company Culture with DEI

Ensure Your Organization is Fair & Forward-Thinking as You Create an Unshakeable Culture of Trust and Prosperity, Regardless of What Happens in 2021

Advancing Racial Equity with Your Privilege

Revolutionary Ways Purpose-Driven Business Leaders Can Employ Lessons From Dr. King to Embed Diversity, Inclusion, and Trust in Their Company Cultures


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