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About Lester Morales


Lester J. Morales is a true consultant in the human capital and employee benefits arena and currently serves as CEO of Next Impact, LLC. Focused on innovation and changing the “status quo,” Next Impact is a full-service employee benefits and human resource marketing and consulting company, committed to helping other companies grow and add value to their clients. Before he founded Next Impact, he cofounded Incela, a benefits administration company focused on helping advisors support their clients with ACA compliance.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lester served nearly three years as Executive Vice-President and Chief Growth Officer for Willis’ Human Capital Practice, one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world. In this role, Lester led over 200 producers/consultants in 40 + offices as part of a $350,000,000 practice- Willis’ single largest practice in North America. During a previous eight-year stint at Willis, Lester was consistently among the top five consultants nationally. Between those assignments, Lester served as National Vice President of Sales for Healthstat, a leading provider of worksite clinics and disease management services.

Lester received a BS in Risk Management and Insurance from Florida State University. He is a highly sought-after speaker at industry conferences, on the subjects of on-site clinics, private exchanges, self- funding, wellness, pharmacy carve-outs, compliance, captives, and other cost-mitigation strategies.

Speaking Topics


How to Use Your Health Benefits as a Differentiator While Saving Your Company 20% In Cost

The definition insanity is continuing to do the same things and expecting different results. This vantage from Albert Einstein has been the way most organizations have managed their 2nd/3rd largest expense, health benefits, and one of the main attraction/retention tools for top talent. By focusing on getting employees and their families to the TOP quality healthcare an organization can lower/eliminate cost for the member and save the organization significantly. This approach is what allows Walmart, Google, and other top employers to keep the best talent.

This session with Lester will show your members:
– Why the current model is designed WRONG
– The WIFM (What’s in It for Me) for employers and their employees in a new approach
– The process to success

The audience will get the road map to changing the status quo and will leave the session will proven strategies to positively impact their company and employees immediately.

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