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About Megan Luther & Parnell Quinn


Megan is a business owner, entrepreneur, coach/trainer, and professional real estate agent. She has worked in both corporate franchise models and boutique real estate companies. Megan has always believed there is a better way to do real estate and has worked tirelessly for over a decade to share her vision. “The Simple Life” is the goal. Simple means easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty and Megan knew through all of her experiences in the industry that she could make real estate simple while taking into consideration all the complexities involved. She knew she could make real estate simple so her clients could focus on living the simple life, and she knew she could help transform real estate agents’ lives by developing teams of professionals, with multiple streams of income, and help agents create generational wealth which is why she brought her team to eXp Realty.

Parnell is a third generation real estate agent, developer, business owner, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, author and Designated Managing Broker for EXP Commercial for the State of Colorado. Parnell grew up learning things the hard way – trial and error, figuring things out on his own, and doing extensive research. He has a fascination for understanding how all things work and how things could work better. His perseverance, desire to learn, and work ethic have set him apart as an expert in the industry. Parnell knew he could simplify the process so agents in the industry didn’t have to reinvent the wheel like he had been for decades. Professional standards, multiple streams of income, including passive income, and the ability to create generational wealth has always been a passion of Parnell’s – his desire is to share what he’s learned and help educate future generations of agents to make their path an easier one to follow.

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