Scott Keffer

The Million Dollar Mentor
Author of Million Dollar Clients


Helping advisors attract million dollar clients on demand.

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About Scott Keffer


“Your practice is a platform and a multiplier, so that you can have a BIG Impact on your family, friends, clients and causes you care about deeply.”

Scott Keffer is on a mission to equip BIG Impact advisors across North America.

As a top-rated speaker, he has conducted over 502 presentations to over one hundred thousand, including The Forum 400, AALU, and National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.

He has been hailed as an “Industry Transformer” as the Creator of many innovative processes, including Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp, The Seminar Money Machine™, The Donor Motivation Program®, The Affluent Engagement System®, The 7X Advisor Model®, and The Arc Of Distinction®.

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