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Knowing that those with bad credit, problem properties, or difficulty proving income are constantly told they can’t get a loan-
I focus on helping these people find solutions.

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About Todd Wilson


Todd is a successful loan officer, credit expert, and entrepreneur.

After becoming a top producer in a brokerage, Todd ventured out on his own in 2007, just before the market imploded. While the beginning was tough, he made it through and became one of the top private money/hard money lenders in the area. Being the only loan officer in his company, he was able to reach an average of closing more than 15 loans per month.

While specializing in alternative mortgages, including hard money and other alternative lending options, Todd has  experience with conventional mortgages too. Experiencing the market falling apart, going through bankruptcy and foreclosure himself,  gave Todd a unique perspective in helping clients who have gone through tough times. He has an understanding and empathy that most loan officers and lenders never will. Todd is passionate about helping clients find the best solutions.

Speaking Topics


Taking Control of Your Credit

There are currently about 80 million American adults who have credit that is considered fair or bad. There are an additional 45 million American adults who have no credit scores at all. Combine these and you have 125 million American adults with bad or no credit. While that is over half of the adult population in the country, I believe I can make a difference in helping those who need to overcome the obstacles that come with credit.  

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