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About Vision One Speaking Team


Vision One guides individuals on how to Ignite Unstoppable Change. They address the big changes you need to make, what is keeping you stuck in current circumstances, and how to start making sustainable changes to deliver your desired future. Speaking Team members include Michelle Bonahoom, Lori Moen, Michael Cardenas.

Vision One models the business and then make the necessary reductions in staffing and other expenses to ensure the company is profitable and that it has sufficient cash flow to maintain and/or grow the business. If you want to impact your community, your business & your family, stop wasting your energy on fads that wear you out and don’t give lasting results. Learn how to hack your goals so that every step is easier than the last, and every decision propels you towards your ultimate goal.


Meet the Vision One Speaking Team Team

Mike Hawks

Lori Moen

Michelle Bonahoom

Speaking Topics


Igniting Unstoppable Change

Are you feeling stuck, alone, want change but aren’t sure where to start? Stop chasing symptoms and get to the root of the problem. Change doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming, you just have to approach it with the right tools, support and mindsets! During this talk we will help you:

  • Understand what big change you need to make and why is it important to you and your life.
  • Address what is keeping you stuck in your current circumstances.
  • Learn how to start making and sustaining changes to deliver you to your desired future.

Life after business

Lori Moen shares her own personal journey through discovering what life could look like after selling her business. Business owners are invited to take the journey to uncovering:

  • Who you are after the sale of your business

  • Leaving a legacy

Musings of a Former Trophy Wife

Former trophy shop owner Lori Moen shares her insights in running her business with the end in mind. Business owners can start building their legacy today, by bringing their transition planning into the present day, and building a business that is valuable and transferable.

Successfully Navigating Uncertain Times

Michelle combines her own personal experiences and story with her experience working with over 100 different companies as they prepare for key critical transitions including: Preparing the next generation for leadership/ownership, growing the value of your business through Value Growth work, Transition planning for business owners, Mergers and Acquisitions, Integration, and individual leadership development.

  • Responding to change and crisis
  • Leveraging your mindset
  • Developing a sustainable contingency plan

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