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About Elliott Bayev & Daniel Moskowitz


Elliott Co-Author & Presenter. is a lifelong martial artist, having practiced various arts for more than thirty years, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the last twenty-four.
He has been competing since 1998, and in those twenty-plus years he has won multiple Canadian championships, earning the opportunity to represent Canada at world championships in both Abu Dhabi and Poland, as well as competing at the open world championship in California, where he took silver in the 2013 IBJJF No-Gi World Championship Master Black Belt division.

After focusing on business for a few years, Elliott returned to competition in 2017, taking silver at the No-Gi Pans and double gold at the 2017 Rickson Gracie Cup in New York. In addition to his own competition career, Elliott has coached Canadian cham- pions, junior-belt world champions, and world-class Black Belts, medaling at the biggest competitions in Brazil and across the world, and acted as assistant coach for the Jiu-Jitsu International Federation’s (JJIF) team Canada in 2018. In addition to his competitive achievements, Elliott is recognized as a world-class instructor, having taught for the last fifteen years, and founded one of Toronto’s longest-running and most successful martial arts academies, OpenMat Mixed Martial Arts, producing champions of his own and, more important to Elliott, changing many lives of “average folk” who train for fun, fitness, and self-defense.

Daniel has been in sales for twenty-five years, ever since he was duped by a salesperson and became determined not only to never let it happen again but to understand what strategies and techniques they used to get him to a desired result so effectively. Thus began his journey of studying the best practices and high- percentage strategies that lead to sales success. In his long, successful career, he has worked in multiple B2B businesses and professional services industries, personally generating well over $30 million in B2B sales and heading up teams generating tens of millions of dollars per year. He has been responsible for selling key services to Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, and local regional businesses.

Speaking Topics


Sales Jiu-Jitsu: The 4 Secret Black Belt Steps to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Whether you are a leader of a sales team at a large organization, an entrepreneur who
has 1 sales person or a team of sales reps or just a solo entrepreneur who is looking to
close more sales. This mini-course WILL make a difference, that could be a 10% to a
50% increase depending on what is going on for you right now in your business.
We just completed our book Sales Jiu-Jitsu – The Secret Black Belt System for
Champion Leaders and what I am about to teach you is taken straight from our book.

The Sales JJ system is divided into 4 main sections:
• Pre-fight—what we do in advance of the engagement
• Fighting—the engagement itself
• Winning—the obtainment of victory (for both you and the client)
• Post-fight—what we do after the engagement, win or lose 

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