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About Kate Wendell


Since starting her family, Kate has learned the ins and outs to having a happy fulfilling marriage and family life. She learned a lot from her single years that she now applies to her family for a more dynamic experience in pursuit of the family dream!

Kate’s mission is to help moms find balance between wife, motherhood and business woman to live a life by design not default. Together with her husband, Tanner, they’re building Family OS to help 1 Million families create an intentional family life.

Speaking Topics


Finding Me: SINGLE Framework

S – Story:  What’s your story and how is it running your life?

I – Identity:  What is your identity and is it attached to family or societal expectations. Who do you say you are?

N – Non-Negotiables: What are the 2-5 foundational pieces to a relationship that you will not settle on. Clarity on these will dictate how you make decisions and what you tolerate.

G – Goals: Setting goals and a vision for your future will keep you on a path of growth and becoming the right woman for the right man.

L – Lessons (not failures): Learn from everything. Let go of the past and be in the pursuit of progress for your future. Don’t let past wounds hold you back.

E – Enjoy: Finding a way to enjoy the present and current life as you work towards the future vision you have for your life. 

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