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About Kate Wendell


Since starting her family, Kate has learned the ins and outs to having a happy fulfilling marriage and family life. She learned a lot from her single years that she now applies to her family for a more dynamic experience in pursuit of the family dream!

Kate’s mission is to help moms find balance between wife, motherhood and business woman to live a life by design not default. Together with her husband, Tanner, they’re building Family OS to help 1 Million families create an intentional family life.

Speaking Topics


Curb The Chaos

1. The C stands for Calm: Your audience will learn the importance of maintaining their emotional temperature through breath-work and other techniques, so they can respond more calmly to any situation. 

2. The U stands for Understanding: Your audience will learn to understand their needs, wants & desires so they can better understand and accept everyone else around them.

3. The R stands for Restore: Life is filled with anchors that keep us stuck. Learning how to repair those emotional ties will help give the freedom to move forward.

4. The B stands for Balance: While most people know balance is important, the way they think about it makes them feel like it’s not possible.  Kate will show your audience a different approach that puts them in the driver seat of their life. 

The CURB process has helped women develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their family and provice a plan for immediate implementaion that impacts how they think and interact with others. 

Developing Your Family Operating System

1. The C stands for Communicaiton: Your audience will learn the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication and how it impacts every relationship.

2. The O stands for Ownership: In order to own your future, you must take responsibility for the past and the present.

3. The D stands for Design: Creating a vision for the future and a plan for the day to day so you can live out your dreams. 

4. The E stands for Enjoy: Learn to appreciate the journey, all the ups and downs that come with life and that happen for every family. 

The CODE process has helped families develop their operating system and provides a plan for immediate implementation that impacts how they think and interact with their family. 

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